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Through this Web you may make enquiries, register with our, sign up for our Newsletter, and purchase products from Mariola Cano, and to this end we provide updated information on said products, as well as concerning available offers.

In addition, in the present web page you will find information, the latest news on Mariola Cano, and a section where you may provide us with your opinion. 

Exemption of liability 

The use of the present web implies acceptance of the conditions set forth in the present Privacy Policy. In the event of making electronic purchases via the present web, Mariola Cano undertakes to provide you with the necessary information, in accordance with Spanish legislation, concerning electronic procurement and consumer protection. Specifically, you will have at your disposal the terms and conditions of sale, so that you may read and accept these before entering into an electronic contract with the company. In addition, in the event of accepting the aforesaid terms and conditions of sale, you will be considered as having understood and accepted the contents thereof.

Mariola Cano is exempt from any liability for any failure to update the information that appears on the WEB.

In addition, Mariola Cano is not liable for the transmission of any virus or damage to your equipment that may arise as a result of accessing the present web.

Mariola Cano shall not have any liability whatsoever for the contents of other Webs that it does not own and which may be accessed via a link from, in that it does not have the possibility of supervising the legality of the contents thereof.

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The intellectual property rights over the works included within exclusively belong to Mariola Cano, unless stated to the contrary. The unauthorised reproduction, distribution, commercialisation or transformation of said works constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights of Mariola Cano or of the owners of such rights, and could give rise to as many legal actions, or extrajudicial actions, as available to the parties in exercising their rights.

In addition, the information that users may access via this web may be protected by industrial and intellectual property rights, or rights of a different nature. Mariola Cano shall not be liable in any case and under any circumstances for infringements of said rights that users may incur in.

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The law that is applicable to the present General Conditions shall be Spanish Law. In addition, for any discrepancy involving the parties, they expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, waiving their rights to their own jurisdiction if different.

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