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About me, Mariola Cano

I am a Jewellery Designer born in Madrid with over 15 years of dedicated experience in Designing, Production planning & Manufacturing Jewellery. As a former Fashion Designer soon I found myself attracted to the Jewellery world, flirting with the dream of become a Jewellery Designer. Feeling the urge to learn more I moved to Florence, the best place in Italy where i learnt the concepts & techniques for Jewellery Design.

I began my career in 2000 in Ireland, and immersed myself in traditional Irish Jewellery, which is rich in symbolism and meaning. The experienced gained during my early years allowed me to jump into new fields, such as teaching design or specializing my career into the high end jewellery in Europe and Asia. Thanks to all of that I have met different ways of understanding the jewellery world, different techniques and manufacturing processes.

“ Every Job has been a New Challenge and with each job the Challenge has got bigger, that is what`s so exciting!
In 2014 I returned to Madrid to start a new project, create my own brand, Chic Jewellery,which capture all the influences gained during my career. The collections are based on mythological goddesses that inspire each piece.

Mariola Cano offer creativity and design paying attention to detail on ech piece. It aims to be a window to the wonderful world of Chic designs, affordable jewelry made with materials like silver, gold-plated in different colors, and semiprecious stones that provide light, illuminating the universe of every woman.

2014 © Mariola Cano

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